3M Cold Shrink Cable Joints with Taped Electrode up to 33kV (36kV)

3M Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits for Medium Voltage Cables

3M Standard Cold Shrink Cable Joints with Taped Electrode - Overview

3M Cold Shrink Medium Voltage Cable Jointing Kits with taped electrode provide a cost effective alternative to heat shrink cable jointing options. As opposed to heat shrink joints, this 3M Cold Shrink Medium Voltage jointing kit features a molecular permanent set which serves to guarantee a continuous radial pressure is applied around the cable for the entire duration of the life of the cable joint. This Cold Applied Jointing Range offers a joint option for many of the most popular cable configurations and conductor sizes used throughout the UK. (Please contact us if your require a joint for a cable not listed as the products in this section do not represent the complete range available). The electrode within this joint is built up by the jointer with Scotch 13 Electrical Semi-Conducting Tape and the 3M Cold Shrink Splice does the rest - with no need for heat or special tools.

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