3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Kits

3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Kits

3M Cable Repair Kits - Cold Shrink Tubes

3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Kits - Overview

These cold shrinkable cable repair tubes offer the benefits of cold shrinkable repair technology from 3M. The repair kits feature a range of tubular rubber sleeves with open ends designed to be slipped over the damaged cable area. These cold shrink cable repair tubes are expanded in the factory at the time of manufacture and then stretched onto a removable spiral core. 3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Tubes are supplied ready to be installed in this pre-assembed condition. Once the tube has been positioned over the required area for repair, the removable core is easily removed and the remaining EPDM or Silicone Rubber tube shrinks down into position over the repair area forming an excellent seal.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair tubes use cold applied technology which offers a rapid, uncomplicated repair solution that is also safer as there is no requirement for heat, torches or mastics to complete the cable repair. 3M Cold Shrinable tubes are the perfect choice to carry out fast and effective cable repairs at times when hot work permits are difficult to obtain.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Kits - Features

  • Rapid Repair Solution on Site – Installs by hand, no special tools, no heat required.
  • 3M Cold Shrink Cable Repair Tubes are available in either EPDM Rubber or Silicone Rubber.
  • The Cold Shrinkable Cable Repair Tube does not need any adhesive and provides a constant radial pressure with a tight seal
  • Designed to allow for expansion and contraction after installation.
  • Supplied by 3M ensuring excellent quality together with a lon term dependable repair solution.

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