3M Cold Shrink End Caps

3M Cold Shrink End Caps

Cold Shrinkable End Caps for Sealing Cable Ends

3M Cold Shrink End Caps - Overview

3M Cold Shrink End Caps provide mechanical protection of exposed cable ends together with an effective environmental seal without the need of tools, mastics or tapes. 3M End Caps incorporate a close-ended, tubular design which uses rubber sleeves that are expanded during the manufacturing process in the factory before being and inserted onto a removable core. The End Cap is designed to be placed over cable ends, or other cylindrical objects. The core is then removed which in offers a dependable seal protects the ends of the cable from any environmental damage. They are easily installed and cleanly removable, there are a number of end caps available to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

3M Cold Shrink End Caps - Features

  • Protects and seals exposed cable ends
  • 3M End Caps provide protection from moisture, contamination, corrosion, ozone, acid, alkalis, fungus, ultra-violet (UV) and radiation
  • Quick and easy to install – do not require any special tools
  • Wide range of cable sizes accommodated from 12mm to 84mm
  • Provides good resistance to abrasion
  • 3M Cable End Caps ensure a Tight Seal – retains its pressure and resilience after prolonged ageing and exposure
  • Water resistant
  • Removes the need for hot work permits - no heat required to install.
  • Easy and clean installation and removal without the need for mastics.
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