3M Cold Shrink Pre Stretched Tubes

3M Cold Shrink Pre Stretched Tubes

3M Cold Shrinkable Tubes in EPDM or Silicone

3M Cold Shrink Tubes - Overview

These cold shrinkable tubes offer the benefits of cold shrink technology from 3M, consisting of a range of tubular rubber sleeves with open ends which are expanded during manufacture and then built onto a removable core. 3M Cold Shrink Tubes are supplied ready for installation in the field this pre-expanded condition. The core of the cold shrinkable tube is pulled away in a spiral after the tube has been positioned over an straight, inline connection, cable lug or connector, or other similar applications. The removal of the core enables the tube to shrink down into position and form an excellent waterproof seal.

3M Cold Shrink tubes use cold applied technology which means they are fast, simple and safe to install. 3M Cold Shrinable tubes provide an ideal solution in situations where hot work permits are difficult to obtain.

3M Cold Shrink Tubes - Features

  • 3M Cold Shrink Tubes are supplied in both EPDM rubber and silicone making them an ideal choice for multiple applications
  • The Cold Shrinkable Tube provides a constant radial pressure and effective seal without the use of adhesive
  • Designed to allow for expansion and contraction after installation
  • Quick and Easy Cold Applied installation – no tools or heat required
  • Supplied by 3M ensuring excellent quality together with long term reliability

3M Cold Shrink Tubes - Applications

A versatile cold applied solution, suitable for a variety of installations including the following:

  • Primary electrical insulation for all solid dielectric (rubber and plastic) insulated wire and cable splices rated to 1000V.
  • For use in Indoor, Outdoor, and Overhead applications.
  • Cable repair, cable sheath repair solutions
  • Mechanical protection and moisture sealing for high voltage, air insulated connectors and lugs
  • Moisture resistance barrier

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