3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Repair Kits

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Repair Kits

3M Scotchcast Repair Solutions

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Repair and Flexible Cables Jointing - Overview

Our 3M Scotchcast Resin Kits are intended for permanent cable repair and jointing of single core or multi-core flexible power cables.

3M Scotchcast resin is a flexible jointing material which bonds to the cable sheath material, and ensures a permanent repair or joint with a reliable seal. This seal is highly effective and will not tear or work loose after the repair of joint has been completed.

Scotchcast Resin Repair Kits are a professional solution for cable repairs and jointing power cables that are frequently coiled during and after use.  This is a tough and dependable repair solution from 3M Scotchcast that is suitable for indoor or outdoor, directly buried or in submersible applications.

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