Abtech High Voltage Enclosures, Junction Boxes and Busbar Solutions

Abtech High Voltage Enclosures, Junction Boxes and Busbar Solutions

HV Enclosures for Industrial and Hazardous Areas

Abtech High Voltage Enclosures (MJB, DPJB, HVJB, LR, Busbar)

Abtech have many years experience in the design and manufacture of high voltage connection solutions for use in hazardous areas.

Different sizes and options spanning the 5 main ranges in this High Voltage section mean that we are able to offer over 50 combinations. The entire Abtech HV range offers different connection options and mounting arrangements and as a result of customer demand, new variations are constantly being added to this popular range.

Abtech high voltage enclosures and junction boxes are produced from grade 316 stainless steel and are rated to IP66 as standard. In addition, IP67 versions are available on request.

Abtech high voltage enclosures are ATEX certified by SIRA and suitable for use in a Category 2/Zone 1 areas and Category 3/Zone 2 areas.

Abtech we can now offer Category 3/Zone 2 high voltage enclosures capable of operation at 35kV.

The Abtech High Voltage range currently consists of the following types;

Abtech MJB Range

Low Cost solution for joining cables in a connection box. Max Voltage 8.3kV

Abtech DPJB Range

Original Down Hole Pump Junction Box used worldwide.

Abtech HVJB Range

Latest HV solution offering the greatest flexibility - Max Voltage 11kV

Abtech LR Range

Offering Flexible connection arrangements - Max Voltage 11kV

Abtech Busbar Box

Busbar enclosure with a current capacity of 3000A per phase and a fault rating of 80kA for 1 second - Max Voltage 11kV

Abtech SX125 Range

Ideal solution for termination of umbilical cables to offshore platform or onshore distribution systems. Separate Powes and Control or Fibre Cable Compartments - Max Voltage 11kV

Abtech HV Enclosures, Junction Boxes and Busbar Solutions - Further Details

Whatever your requirement may be for high voltage junction boxes, enclosures or busbar solutions in hazardous areas, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help you at: technical@cable-jointing.com

Abtech HV Enclosures, Junction Boxes and Busbar Solutions - Price and Availability

Alternatively for pricing and stock availability please contact us at sales@cable-jointing.com

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