Earth Bars with Twin Disconnecting Links

Earth Bars with Twin Disconnecting Links

Twin Linked Earth Bars

Copper Earth Bars - Overview

These earth bars are supplied with a twin disconnect link are an efficient and convenient way of providing a common earth point. 

Benefits of Twin Linked Earth Bars

The twin disconnecting link is mainly used to offer a temporary break in the connection to the earth allowing the inspection and testing of multiple earth rods / systems while disconnected from the lightning and earth system.

Twin Linked Earth Bars - Specification

Earth bars with a single disconnecting link are supplied with 50x6mm copper bar, M10 brass connection bolts, mounted on insulators and powder coated steel base as standard. These single linked copper earth bars are available in 6 way to 12 way configurations. Other earth bar designs are available on request. Please refer to the product page below for further information and dimensions.


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