Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat (Aluminium) 23-74mm

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat (Aluminium) 23-74mm

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Ellis Patents Alpha Cleat

Aluminium Trefoil Cleats - UL Listed, ABS, LUL Approved

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cleats are Aluminium Cleats for Trefoil Cable arrangements with diamater 23mm-74mm. Alpha Aluminium Trefoil Cleats are an Extruded Aluminium Cable Cleat. This offers a new, stronger alternative to the traditional Cast Aluminium Cleat.

Ellis Patents Alpha Cleats – Short Circuit Test Data

Alpha Cleat Short Circuit Test Level (Max)

Alpha Cleat Spacing



Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Features

  • Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats are produced from extruded aluminium (6000 series), to BS EN 755.
  • Lighter and tougher Cable Cleat than the alternative cast Aluminium Trefoil Cleat it is designed to replace.
  • Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats feature a unique patented design which ensures and easier, faster and more dependable installation.
  • These Aluminium Trefoil Cable cleats are supplied with zinc plated steel closing fasteners.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Base Options

Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats are available with two base options:

  • Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat Aluminium Base
  • Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat Polymer Base. The polymeric LSF (Low Smoke and Fume), Zero Halogen base can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion, in installation environments where such issues could occur.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Approvals

Ellis Patents Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats are approved as follows:

  • UL LISTED (ALP05-AN0 4CG8).
  • American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval (ABS).
  • London Underground (LUL) - The Alpha Cable Cleats are compliant with the requirements of London Underground Standard 1- 085. Product Register No. 360.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Scope

The Ellis Patents Alpha Aluminium Cable Cleat is suitable for both Trefoil Cable Cleat and Single Cable Cleat applications. For Single Cable Cleat applications please visit our Alpha Single Cleat section.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Technical Data

Cable Cleats in the Ellis Patents Alpha Cable Cleats range have been tested in line with the International Standard of 'Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations' IEC 61914:2009. Please download the Alpha Trefoil Cleat data sheet below for further information.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Further Details

For further details of this Ellis Patents Aluminium Trefoil Cleat please download the Alpha Cable Cleat Data Sheet or Cleat Installation Guide from the individual product pages in this section.

Trefoil Cable Cleats - Alpha Cleat Price and Availability

Alternatively for pricing and stock availability for these Alpha Trefoil Cleats or to discuss your requirements further please contact us at sales@cable-jointing.com.

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