Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleat (Stainless Steel) 23-70mm

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleat (Stainless Steel) 23-70mm

Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats

Stainless Steel Cable Cleats – UL Listed, ABS, LUL Approved

Vulcan Stainless Steel Cable Cleats for Cables in Quad formation with overall diameter 23mm to 70mm are the ideal choice when the cable installation calls for a Cable Cleat that can withstand the moderate levels of short-circuit. The Vulcan+ Trefoil Cable Cleats are manufactured in Type 316L stainless steel which means you can be sure of the ultimate protection, even in the harshest conditions. 

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Short Circuit Test Data

Ellis Patents Vulcan+ Cable Cleat Short Circuit Test Level (Max)

Vulcan+ Cable Cleat Spacing





Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Quad Cable Cleat Features

  • Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats are a Stainless Steel Cable Cleat (Type 316) that provide the ultimate environmental protection.
  • Excellent cable range coverage across multiple cable diameters from 23mm up to 70mm across 9 cleat sizes.
  • Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats feature a compact design that makes installation much easier in situations when space is limited.
  • Under Short-Circuit, Cables are protected and cushioned by a polymeric liner and base pad which is Low Smoke and Fume, Zero Halogen (LSF/LSOH).

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Cleat Approvals

  • UL Listed Cable Cleats (VRQ+03 4CG8)
  • American Bureau of Shipping Type Approved Cable Cleats (ABS)
  • LUL Compliant Cable Cleats (For Vulcan VRT+ range only) Vulcan Single Cable Cleats and Trefoil Cable Cleats are compliant with the requirements of London Underground Standard 1-085. Product Register No. 361.

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats - Technical Data

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats have been tested in accordance with the International Standard of 'Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations' IEC 61914:2009. Please refer to the Vulcan+ data sheet on the product page below for further information.

Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats - Cable Protection

To protect and cushion the cables during short circuit conditions, the Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats come with an integral Low Smoke & Fume Zero Halogen Polymeric liner and removable base pad (MDS01 Data Sheet*).

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Quad Cable Cleat Fixings

Vulcan+ cleats are supplied with an M10 stainless steel clamping bolt, an M10 stainless steel Flange nut and a Low Smoke & Fume Zero Halogen Polymeric Head Retainer (MDS01 Data Sheet*).

* Material Data Sheet MDS01 is available upon request.

Ellis Patents recommend the following fixing arrangements (not supplied but available as extras on request. Please contact us for details):

  • Vulcan Cable Cleat VRQ+ using one 10mm bolt for sizes 01 to 06, and one or two 10mm bolts for sizes 07 to 09.
  • Should alternative bolt recommendation be required please contact us and we will consult with the factory.

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Trefoil Cleat Spacing

For a more economical installation, Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats can be spaced more widely, with a retention strap fitted in between. For further details, please visit our ProTect Intermediate Cable Strap section.

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Range Data

  • The Vulcan+ Cable Cleats are also available in Single Cable Cleat and Trefoil Cable Cleat designs.
  • For Single Cable Cleat applications please visit our Vulcan+ Single Cable Cleats section.
  • For Trefoil Cable Cleat applications please visit our Vulcan+ Trefoil Cable Cleats section.

Vulcan+ Cable Cleats – Quad Cable Cleat Pricing

For price and availability, or more information on the Vulcan+ Quad Cable Cleats range please contact us.

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