Ellis Cable Cleats - ProTect Cable Strap (Stainless Steel)

Ellis Patents ProTect Cable Strap (Stainless Steel)

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats - Protect Cable Cleats (Trefoil Cables)

Ellis Patents Stainless Steel Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents Stainless Steel Cable Straps in the ProTect range are designed for Trefoil Cable Clamping applications when the installation calls for the highest levels of short-circuit withstand.

Protect Cable Retention Strap for Trefoil Cables

Short Circuit Test Level (Max)

Cleat/Strap Spacing



ProTect Cable Retention Straps for Trefoil Cables - Features

Frame manufactured from Type 316 Stainless Steel offering ultimate protection in harsh environments

Manufactured to order to suit installation requirements and specific cable diameters

Suitable for Trefoil Cables or Multiple Cable Applications

Fast installation due to a unique design

The ProTect frame is tightened and locked using a combination of an M10 set screw and flanged nut in A4 stainless steel, and a screw head retainer in Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) Zero Halogen Nylon.

ProTect Cleats are available with or without an integral LSF Polymeric liner. Please contact us for further details.

Ellis Patents ProTect Cleat for Trefoil Cable Clamping - Further Details

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Stainless Steel Cable Retention Straps  – ProTect Cleats Price and Availability

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