Ellis Cable Cleats, Varicleat Trefoil Cleat (Stainless Steel,Aluminium) 21-118mm

Ellis Patents Varicleat Trefoil Cleat (Stainless Steel, Aluminium) 21-118mm

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats – Vari-cleat Cable Cleats (Trefoil Cables) 21-118mm

Ellis Patents Stainless Steel and Aluminium Cable Cleats

The Vari-cleat Cable Cleat from Ellis Patents offers outstanding cable range taking capability and is suitable for use with Trefoil Cables with overall diameter 21mm – 118mm.

Varicleat Cleat Cable Cleats for Trefoil Cable

The unique Vari-cleat design means that the cleat base may be installed prior to positioning of the cables.

This patented cleat design features a Cast Aluminium base. The Cleat Base is also available in polyester or Kelvar coatings on request. The Vari-Cleat has an over-strap produced from Type 316L stainless steel. Also a silicone Low Smoke and Fume cleat liner is available if required (Please specify additional requirements at time of enquiry, and order)

Note: Cable Range Diameter for the Vari-Cleat including Liner for Trefoil Cables is 19-116mm.

Ellis Patents Atlas Cable Cleats – Short Circuit Test Data.

Vari-cleats are designed to withstand moderate levels of short-circuit.

Varicleat Short Circuit Test Level (Max)

Cable Cleat Spacing



Vari-Cleat Cable Cleat for Trefoil Cable Clamping - Features

  • Vari-cleats available in over 30 sizes with range-taking capability.
  • Cast Aluminium Cleat Base with Stainless Steel over strap.
  • Cable Cleat bases available on request in Polyester or Kevlar Coated
  • A compact Cable Cleat with a base that can be fixed before the cables are in position.
  • Features a separate over-strap that can be installed once your cables are in position.
  • Can be supplied with a Silicone Low Smoke and Fume LSF Liner as required.
  • To reduce installation costs, subject to installation conditions, Vari-cleats can be spaced more widely with a retention strap fitted in between. Please see the relevant Ellis section on our website.
  • Vari-Cleat Cable Cleats are also available for Multiple Bundled Cables and Single Cables. For details on Bundled Cables and Single Cable options please refer to the relevant pages on this site.

Ellis Patents Vari-Cleat Cable Cleats – Test Data:

Vari-Cleats have been tested in line with the International Standard of 'Cable Cleats for Electrical

Installations' IEC 61914:2009. For further details please download the data sheet.

Vari-Cleat Cable Cleat for Trefoil Cable Clamping - Fixings

Ellis Patents recommends that Vari-cleats are fixed using either 8mm, 10mm or 12mm bolts (not supplied but available as extras). Alternative bolt recommendations can be made on request.

Ellis Patents Vari-Cleat for Trefoil Cable Clamping - Further Details

For further details on these Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cleats in the Vari-cleat range from Ellis Patents please refer to the individual product pages on this site.

You can also send us a quick enquiry for these Ellis Clamps using the form located on the right hand column of this page.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cable Cleats – Vari-Cleat Cleat Price and Availability

Alternatively for pricing and stock availability or to discuss your requirements further please contact us at: sales@cable-jointing.com

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