Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wiring Cables (LSZH, LSOH)

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Wiring Cables (LSZH, LSOH)

6242B Twin & Earth Cable, 6491B Conduit Wiring Cable

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable for Fixed Wiring Applications

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fixed Wiring Cables (LSOH, LSZH) are a range of low smoke, zero halogen, flame retardant cables that provide the power and control in the places where they it is needed, but due to the materials used in manufacture of these cables, in a fire situation the damage and risk of flame propogation and spread of toxic gases is reduced.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables for Modern Buildings

The requirement for Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable technologies in todays modern building is increasing along side the pace of the demands placed on new technologies to cope with demands of the buildings electrical systems. The intelligent building requires the highest perfoming systems and as electrical cables are an integral part of the system, then the performance of those cables is a critical consideration at design stage. More and more electriclal system designers are specifying electrical systems that can enhance the experience of its occupants and maximise return on investment for the client. While this is happening , industry regulators and emergency service providers demand that the building will perform in the event of fire. This means that emergency systems must continue to operate, enabling building occupants to safely evacuate the building, and equally, that the toxic gases caused by burning materials during the fire are minimised to avoid the further risk to the occupants while they evacuate. Therefore electrical engineers must design systems and use materials that can eliminate the hazard and reduce the risks caused by fire. One of the considerations here is to specify Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables such as 6242B Low Smoke Zero Halogen Twin and Earth Cables or 6491B Low Smoke Zero Halogen Conduit Cables as an alternative to traditional cable technologies.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Sheathing

Low Smoke Cables have an Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath (LSOH / LSZH) which, in the event of a fire, is designed to emit very low levels of smoke and non-toxic poisonous halogen gases. The majority of fatalities during a fire that occur in confined areas are caused as a result of toxic gas and smoke inhalation rather than directly from the fire itself. By specifying Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cables, the risk of fatality to building occupants during a fire due to toxic gas inhalation is reduced. Therefore, this is why low smoke zero halogen cable is recommended for use such as in locations such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Banks, Airports, Restaurants, Cafes, Museums, Military Bases, Government Facilities and any other highly populated enclosed public areas. 

Typical Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Approvals

Low Smoke: in accordance with BS EN 61034-2

Zero Halogenin accordance with BS EN 50267-2-1 or BS EN 50267-2-2

Flame Retardantin accordance with BS EN 60332-1-2 or BS EN 60332-3-24

Fully approved: BASEC approved to BS EN 50525-3-41, BS7211, BS6724 or BS8436

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