22kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints, Euromold Three Core Straight Joint TT-24CSJ

22kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints, Euromold Three Core Straight Joint TT-24CSJ

Euromold 22kV Cold Shrink Straight Cable Joints (24kV)

Euromold MV Cable Jointing Kits for Three Core Medium Voltage Polymeric XLPE Cables

22kV Cold Shrink Straight Joints suitable for direct burial. 

The Medium Voltage Three Core Joints are Fully Screened and Fully Submersible

Euromold 22kV Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ Technical Characteristics

All Joint Bodies in Euromold TT-24CSJ Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits are tested for AC withstand prior to leaving the factory

The 22kV Cable Joint can accommodate all different armouring and screen connection systems

Extra water sealing system is available for these 22kV Straight Cable Joints

Euromold 22kV Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ Design

The Euromold TT-24CSJ Cold Shrink Joint comprises of the following components:

  • Extruded triple layer EPDM rubber body.
  • Two layer plate with a semiconductive and a field control mastic layer.
  • Field control mastic.
  • Copper stocking or mesh.
  • Conductor connector (not included in the standard kit. specification and pricing available on request).
  • Roll springs.
  • Screen and armour continuity (adapted to the specific needs of the joint depending on cable design).
  • Overall protective cover, can be: (a) Heat Shrinkable, (b) Poured Resin or, (c) Resin Injected Tape
  • Water sealing system (if required).

Euromold 22kV Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ Specifications and Standards

These MV Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits are designed to meet the requirements of CENELEC HD 629.1

Euromold 22kV Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ - Data Table

Cold Shrink 3 Core
Straight Joint

Voltage Um (kV) Diameter over core insulation (mm) Conductor Sizes for 24kV (sq.mm) (for information only)
min max min max
TT-24CSJ-1 24 18 30 35 185
TT-24CSJ-2 24 23 33 95 300

Euromold 22kV 3 Core Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ Selection Guide

When selecting the appropriate 22kV Cold Shrink Cable Joint please ensure the cable outer sheath and core insulation diameters correspond to the range shown in the table below.

Select the part number and add the code that corresponds to the type of cable joint cover required.

Please indicate the earth connection required for the 22kV Joint and provide the cable data sheet from the cable manufacturer for screening and, or armour connections solution. Please contact us for further details if required.

Example: The Three Core Cable with individual copper tape screen in 24kV 3 x 120sq.mm stranded aluminium, without armour (with a diameter over core insulation of 26.6mm and over outer sheath 67.4 mm) and a heat shrinkable cable joint cover is required. Please order a TT-24CSJ-2/HSS Cable Jointing Kit.

Note: All types of conductor connector can be used but must be within the dimensions specified. Please see product data sheets or contact us to ensure selection of the correct conductor connector for the appropriate dimensions

Ordering Part Number Conductor Sizes (mm) (For information only) Diameter over core insulation (mm) Diameter over outer sheath (mm)
35 50 70 95 120 150 185 240 300
TT-24CSJ-1/X TT-24CSJ-1/X     18-30 80 (max)
TT-24CSJ-2/X       TT-24CSJ-2/X 23-33 80 (max)

Please refer to the below Table to select the required 11kV Cable Joint Cover Type (X)

22kV (24kV) Cable Joint Cover Description of 22kV (24kV) Joint Cover Type
/HSS The joint will be supplied with a heat-shrinkable cover
/TIR The joint will be supplied with a taped injected resin cover
/PBR The joint will be supplied with a poured resin box cover

22kV Cable Joints - TT-24CSJ Jointing Kit Contents

  • 3 x 24CSJ-2 Cold-shrinkable cable joint body
  • 3 x Two layer plate
  • 6 x Field control mastic
  • 6 x Roll spring
  • Depending on the type of the cable armour and the outer protection required, other components will be included in the 22kV Cable Joint kit

The 22kV Cable Joint kit TT-24CSJ also includes the following

  • Pulling hook
  • Adhesive tape
  • Roll Springs
  • Water sealing mastic
  • Lubricant
  • Wipers
  • Gloves
  • Installation instructions.
For pricing and availability of the Euromold 22kV Cold Shrink Cable Joints TT-24CSJ please contact us

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