3M 22kV Cold Shrink Inline Cable Joint - Single Core with Taped Electrode

3M 22kV Cold Shrink Cable Joint - Single Core Inline with Taped Electrode

3M Standard 22kV Cold Shrink Inline Cable Joint QS2000E (93-AS6xx-1)

3M Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kits for Single Core Cables with Copper Wire Screen

3M Cold Shrink 22kV Cable Jointing Kits - QS2000E Series (93-AS6xx-1) - Overview

These MV Joints with taped electrode are designed for straight jointing applications up to and including 22kV (24kV Umax) single core polymeric insulated medium voltage cables with a copper wire screen in accordance with HD 620 (IEC 60502).

3M Cold Shrink 22kV Cable Jointing Kits - QS2000E Series (93-AS6xx-1) - Features

  • One-piece prefabricated cold shrink splice body offers versatility of installation across a comprehensive range of cable conductors sizes and types
  • Quick and Simple installation at temperatures ranging from - 20°C to + 50°C.
  • Cold Shrink Jointing Technology eliminates the need for heat or flame to install the joint body.
  • MV Jointing Kits available for cable cross sectional areas from 50sq.mm – 1000sq.mm.
  • Solderless earth connection is provided by copper screen sleeve and constant force springs.
  • Excellent Mechanical Protection and Moisture Sealing is provided by Thick walled, EPDM rubber Cold Shrink Outer re-jacketing tubes. They can be stacked together to provide a short parking position on the cable.
  • The QS2000E 22kV (24kV) Cold Shrink Joint does not need any special tools to install.

3M Cold Shrink 22kV Cable Jointing Kits - QS2000E Series (93-AS6xx-1) - Performance Tests

The 3M QS2000E Single Core Inline Joint Series meets and exceeds the requirements of the European standard CENELEC HD 629.1
Test Reports:

University of Karlsruhe, Report No.2006-61 dated January 8, 2007
University of Karlsruhe, Report No.2007-170 dated January 7, 2008

3M Cold Shrink 22kV Cable Jointing Kits - QS2000E Series (93-AS6xx-1) - Joint Selection

3M 22kV Cold Shrink Inline Joint - QS2000E Series Application
3M QS2000E 22kV Cold Shrink Cable Jointing Kit Reference Polymeric Cable Dimensions Connector Dimensions (Mechanical Connector Inc
Diameter Over Outer Jacket Diameter over Primary Insulation Conductor Cross Section (sq.mm) Diameter max. (mm) Length max. (mm)
93-AS620-1/C 46 19.1 – 36.8 50 - 150 38 170
93-AS630-1/C 74 33.4 – 67.6 300 - 630 60 270
93-AS631-1/C 74 33.4 – 67.6 800 – 1000 60 270

3M Cold Shrink 22kV Cable Joint - QS2000E Series (93-AS6xx-1) - Kit Contents

  • 3M Cold Shrink QS2000E Silicone splice body with integrated stress control layer, silicone elastomer insulation and outer semi-conductive layer.
  • 3M Scotch 13 tape to form the inner conductive electrode.
  • Copper screen sleeve.
  • Constant Force springs.
  • Thick walled EPDM rubber Cold Shrink outer tubes to re-build the cable outer jacket.
  • Mechanical Shear-Bolt Connectors.
  • Detailed Cable Jointing Instructions for installation of the QS2000E Cold Shrink Joints.

For further technical and product information on the 3M 22kV Cold Shrink Inline Joint with Taped Electrode please refer to the 3M QS2000E Data Sheet.

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