3M Heat Shrink Cable End Caps

3M Heat Shrink Cable End Caps

3M Heat Shrink Cable End Caps - Overview

Heat shrinkable end caps are normally used to seal cable ends and provide mechanical, electrical and environmental protection.

3M Heat Shrink End Caps - Features

Suitable for use with Polymeric XLPE / PVC and Paper Insulated Lead Covered PILC Cables

We offer Heat Shrinkable Cape End Caps for sealing the ends of single core and multi core cables with conductor sizes of 1.5sq.mm up to 1000sq.mm.

This high quality range of 3M Heat Shrink End Cable covers cables with diameters from 4mm to 126mm.

The Cable End Caps provide excellent mechanical and electrical protection.

3M Heat Shrink Cable End Caps are resistant to a range of corrosive fuels, fluids, and chemicals.

Heat shrink cable end caps are suitable for use on low voltage and high voltage polymeric (XLPE) and paper insulated, lead covered (PILC) cables. Heat shrink cable caps ensure a reliable and quick solution for sealing cable ends in both indoor and outdoor applications whilst offering excellent electrical and mechanical protection. Heat shrink cable caps are available to seal single and multi-core cables, 1.5-1000sqmm.

3M Heat Shrink End Caps - Technical Data

Please refer to above diagram (Not to scale)

3M Heat Shrink End Cap Ref: Cable Diameter Diameter Before Shrinkage Fully Recovered Dimensions (mm)
  mm mm H P
3M SKE 4/10 4-8 10 4 33.5
3M SKE 18/20 8-16 20 8 55.3
3M SKE 15/40 15-32 40 15 90.0
3M SKE 25/63 25-51 63 25 143.3
3M SKE 30/76 30-61 76 30 158.0
3M SKE 45/100 45-80 100 45 162.5
3M SKE 61/158 61-126 158 61 182.0


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