3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints for Unarmoured Cables 92-NBA

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints for Unarmoured Cables 92-NBA

3M Scotchcast Resin Joints 92-NBA Series

LV Resin Joints for Multi Core Non-Shielded Unarmoured Polymeric Insulated Cables up to 1.9kV / 3.3kV

Designed for Jointing Single Core up to 5 Core XLPE/PVC Low Voltage Cables

3M Scotchcast Resin Kit Series 92-NBA 0 up to 92-NBA 7 have been tested according to EN50393 Table 3 / I / A1

3M Scotchcast introduce these new 92-NBA Series Resin Joints to the market with the objective of providing time saving and improved safety benefits for cable jointers working with Resin Joint Systems on Low Voltage Cables. These Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints have been developed by 3M to offer ease and safety during installation of the resin joint. In addition the Scotchcast 92-NBA Series offers reduced jointing time and cost while at the same time maintaining the quality and dependability associated with 3M Scotchcast Resin Jointing Kits. The single mould body construction of the Scotchcast Standard Resin Joint features an innovative seal together with fastener clips. These unique features result in an easier installation method while removing the need for extra taping and lowering the possibility of resin leakage from the joint. There are foam seals at every finish in the resin joint mould body which are range taking so eliminate the need for sawing and taping, again removing a process and reducing installation time. The fully integrated resin delivery technique considerably reduces the chances of resin wastage, contact with skin and inhalation of any vapours.

3M Scotchcast Resin Joints 92-NBA Series Features

One part Scotchcast joint mould construction with Snap Fit Closure - Quick and easy installation

Transparent Scotchcast Joint Mould Body for easy control of connector distances in the joint.

Snap in 5-core spacer to ensure the distance between connectors in the joint.

3M Scotchcast 40G Resin for Specialist Applications in High Humidity Areas.

Scotchcast 40G Resin is supplied in transparent two chamber bags with integrated spout and Aluminium Guard Bag for protection against humidity.

The re-openable seal in the resin bag and integrated spout with a membrane provides a Closed Mixing and Pouring (CMP) system - Offering a Safer and cleaner installation for the jointer

Includes a closure cap to prevent any pollution

The Resin Joint includes a top seal & fixing clips - Reduced chance of resin leakage from the cable joint

Scotchcast 92-NBA Resin Joints feature pre cut range taking foam seals for all cable application diameters - eliminating the need for taping or sawing to complete the joint

Rated for LV Cable Jointing up to and including 1.9kV / 3.3kV

These Resin Joints are also suitable for Single Core Airfield Ground Lighting Cables rated to 6kV with the use of additional components

3M Scotchcast Resin Joint Kit 92-NBA Series Contents

  • Transparent Scotchcast Resin Joint Mould body with closure cap
  • 3M Scotchcast 40G resin bag featuring the closed mix system for added health, safety and clean jointing process
  • Pre-cut foam sealing elements to save time
  • Snap in 5 Core Spacer
  • Abrasive Sponge
  • Detailed Cable Jointing Instructions

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