Aluminium Cable Cleats - Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat

Aluminium Cable Cleats - Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleat 23mm-74mm

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Alpha Trefoil Cleats

Alpha Aluminium Trefoil Cleats provide a new, tougher alternative to the original cast Aluminium Cleat design. Alpha Trefoil Cleats are produced from extruded Aluminium (6000 series) to BS EN 755. 

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Alpha Trefoil Cleat Features:

  • Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats are manufactured from extruded aluminium (6000 series), to BS EN 755.
  • These Aluminium Trefoil Cleats are stronger and lighter than the alternative cast Alumiumium Trefoil Cleat and feature an easy one bolt fixing.
  • Alpha Aluminium Trefoil Cleats are tested to BS EN 50368:2003.
  • These Aluminium Trefoil Cleats are available with two base options in either Aluminium or Polymer*.
  • The Trefoil Cleats are quick to install using the unique patented design.
  • Alpha Trefoil Cleats are supplied with zinc plated closing fasteners. Alternative fasteners are available on request. Please contact us.

*The polymeric LSF, Zero Halogen base can be used to prevent galvanic corrosion in installation environments where such issues could occur.

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Alpha Trefoil Cleat Test Data:

Tested in line with the European Standard of 'Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations' BS EN 50368:2003. Please download the Alpha Trefoil Cleat data sheet below for further information.

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Alpha Trefoil Cleat Approvals:

These Ellis Aluminium Trefoil Cleats are approved as follows:

  • UL Listed (ALP05-AN0 4CG8).
  • American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval (ABS).
  • London Underground (LUL) - The Alpha Cable Cleats are compliant with the requirements of London Underground Standard 1-085. Product Register No. 360.

Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleats. Further Information:

For further details of the Aluminium Cleats in the Alpha range from Ellis Patents please refer to the data sheet below.

You can also send us a quick enquiry for these Ellis Clamps using the form located on the right hand column of this page.

Aluminium Trefoil Cable Cleats. Price and Availability:

Alternatively for Alpha Trefoil Cleats pricing and stock availability or to discuss your requirements further please contact us at:


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