Aluminium Cable Cleats - Centaur EHV Cable Saddle 100-162mm

Aluminium Cable Cleats, Centaur EHV Cable Saddle 100-162mm

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cable Cleats

Centaur Aluminium Cable Clamps are available in three lengths and are designed to support transmission cables from steelwork at centres up to 8.4m. Centaur cable saddles have been designed as a solution for cleating large diameter HV cables used in Power Transmission Systems typically 275kV and 400KV. The product is designed for supporting cables with diameters from 100mm to 162mm from support steelwork at centres of up to 8.4m. The saddles have been short-circuit tested at 63kA RMS for 1 second. A full range of intermediate straps is also available.

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cleat Features:

  • Aluminium Cable Clamp for 132kV, 275kV , and 400kV Cables. 
  • Available in 400mm, 600mm, or 800mm to suit different cable diameters and mounting arrangements.
  • Suitable for EHV Cable diameters of 100mm to 162mm
  • Designed to accommodate the thermal expansion of the cable
  • Cleat design is flared to avoid any chance of the cable coming into contact with a sharp edge.
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Polymeric liner incorporated into the overstrap, to provide cushioning of the cable in the event of a short-circuit.
  • 316L stainless steel fixing bolts.
  • All dissimilar metals are isolated from each other by injection moulded separation washers to eliminate the possibility of galvanic corrosion .
  • Available with an almost unlimited variety of rigid or flexible mounting arrangements.

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cleat Tests

Centaur Cable Saddles have been short circuit tested 63kA RMS for 1 Second

Centaur Cable Saddle Short Circuit Test Level (Max)

Centaur Cleat Spacing

63kA RMS 1sec


163kA Peak


Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cleat Further Information:

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Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cleat Pricing:

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