Bespoke Earth Bars, Custom Earth Bars

Bespoke Earth Bars, Custom Earth Bars

Earth Bars Made to Order

Custom Copper Earth Bars - Overview

We can offer an Earth Bar custom design and manufacturing service based on you specific requirements and in line with your specifications. 

Custom Earth Bar Design Options

Earth bars can be produced to meet almost every application. Examples of this are as follows:

Earth Bar Feature

Earth Bar Specification

Bar Size 25x6mm, 50x6mm, 75x6mm, or other sizes? (please specify)
Length Minimum - Maximum (mm)
Number of disconnecting links No Link, Single Link, Twin Link? Any other requirements?(Please specify)
Position of disconnecting links Please advise at time of enquiry.
Finish of the bar Bare finish, Spray tinned, Electro-tinned, Other finish required? (Please specify)
Stud Assembly Type Brass or Phosphor Bronze?
Stud Size & Quantity M6, M8, M10, M12, Other (please specify)
Stand Off Insulators None, M10x35, M06x25, M10x51, Other (please specify)
Base  No base, Pre-Galvanised, Hot Dip Galvanised, Other? (please specify).

Earth Bars Designs - Other Options

We can also supply the following earth bars in various sizes (Please select as required):

Earth Bars 6 way to 12 way

Single Linked Earth Bars 6 way to 12 way

Twin Linked Earth Bars 6 way to 12 way

Custom Earth Bars - Support

For further information on our Custom Earth Bars , use the quick enquiry form on this page.

Custom Earth Bars - Pricing

Alternatively for Custom Earth Bar pricing and delivery timescales please contact us.


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