Cembre Cable Lugs, Insulated Crimp Terminals for Copper Conductors

Cembre Cable Lugs, Insulated Crimp Terminals for Copper Conductors, ANE-M

Cembre Cable Lugs in the ANE-M series of Insulated Crimping Connectors are manufactured copper tube annealed and tin plated.

Cable Crimping Lugs of this design eliminate the need to insulate the terminal using either tape or heat shrinkable tubing.

The interior of the Cembre PA6.6 insulated Cable Terminal sleeve is funnel shaped so as to ensure complete and easy introduction of the conductor strands.

In addition the Polyamide PA6.6 sleeve on this cable lug also avoids the possibility of conductor breakage at the barrel entrance.

The operating temperature range is – 20 to + 115°C (Surge + 130°C).

In order to achieve the best electrical and mechanical performance it is suggested that Cembre ANE-M Cable Lugs are crimped using dies and tools specifically developed for this purpose by Cembre.

Cembre ANE-M series Cable Lugs on the attached data sheet feature black insulated sleeves. However other colours are available on request.

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