Copperbond Earth Rods

Copperbond Earth Rods

Earth Rods

Pure Copper Earth Rods Bonded to Steel Core

Copperbond earth rods, when deep driven, usually provide the most cost effective earth system.

These Earth Rods are made from a low carbon, high tensile strength (600n/mm² minimum) steel core with a coating of molecular bonded 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.

Extendable type rods have a rolled thread (UNC2A) at each end.

Rolled threads have a higher strength than cut threads and also preserve the copper coating at the thread roots.

Copperbond Earth Rods - Standard Range

Copperbond Earth Rod Nominal  (Inches) Copperbond Earth Nominal Diameter (mm) Copperbond Earth Rod Length (mm) Copperbond Earth Rod Thread Size UNC (Inches) Copperbond Earth Rod Shank Diameter (mm) Copperbond Earth Rod Weight (Kgs)
5/8" 16 1200 5/8" 14.2 1.53
3/4" 20 1200 3/4" 17.2 2.19

Copperbond Earth Rods - Non Standard Range

Our Copperbond earth rods are available in other lengths if required. Please contact us if you require a different length earth rod that the ones specified in the above table.

Copperbond Earth Rods - Material

Pure copper molecularly bonded onto a steel core.

Copperbond Earth Rods - Copper Thickness

The Copper thickness of our Copperbond earth rods is a minimum of 250 microns.

Other Copperbond Earth Rod Accessories

We can also supply the following materials within this range;

Driving Studs and Couplers for Copperbond Earth Rods. For further information, please refer to the related product links on this page.

Copper Earth Rod Pricing and Delivery

For Copperbond Earth Rod pricing and delivery details or to request further information please use the quick enquiry form on this page or contact us.

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