Crimp Tools, Hydraulic Crimping Tool, Battery Rechargeable, Cembre B135-C

Crimp Tools, Hydraulic Crimping Tool, Battery Rechargeable, Cembre B135-C

Hydraulic Crimp Tool - Cembre B135-C - General Overview

Hydraulic Crimping Tool Dimensions (L x H x W). 361mm x 302mm x 94mm

Crimping Force of Cembre B135-C Hydraulic Tool. 130kN

Hydraulic Crimping Tool Rechargable Battery. 14.4V 3.0Ah

Crimp Tool Weight (including Battery). 6.35kg

Hydraulic Crimping Tool Main Applications - Cembre B135-C Crimp Tool

Description Max Section (
Crimping of LV Cable Lugs 400
Crimping of LV Cable Splices 240
Crimping of Insulated Cable Terminals 240
Crimping of "C" Sleeve (C-Tap) Connectors 185
Crimping of HV Cable Lugs 400
Crimping of HV Cable Splices 240

Hydraulic Crimping Tools - Cembre B135-C - Features

  • Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Tool operated by 14.4V Rechargeable Battery
  • Hydraulic Crimp Tool Head rotates 180° for ease of operation
  • This Cembre B135-C Hydraulic Crimp Tool is lightweight and balanced for greater control and one had operation
  • The Hydraulic Crimping tool will all accept all semi-circular slotted dies common to most 12 ton crimping tools (U dies)
  • Cembre B135-C Tool features a double speed action. A fast advancing speed for the rapid approach of the crimp tool dies to the connector, and a slower, more powerful speed for the crimping operation
  • Fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve
  • Extremely quiet operation with very little vibration
  • Battery condition displayed after each crimping operation to show the residual battery power
  • Ergonomically designed with a sculptured body for operator comfort
  • Cembre Hydraulic Tool B135C-kV version is also available for Utilities, Distribution Network Operators, Power Supply Companies. This crimping tool is provided with additional coatings to protect the operator and tool against accidental brush contact with energised conductors

Cembre Hydraulic Crimping Tool Model B135-C is supplied as follows:

  • Cembre B135-C Crimp Tool with Rechargeable Battery, Wrist and Shoulder Strap
  • Spare Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Adaptor
  • Supplied in a robust plastic case suitable for storing the crimp tool and 8 sets of sets of semi-circular slotted dies.

These Hydraulic Crimp Tools are supplied without dies.

For die selection please refer to the die selection chart on the site or contact us for further information

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