Earth Inspection Pits, Plastic

Earth Inspection Pits, Plastic

Earthing Inspection Pits

Plastic Earth Inspection Pits

Earth Inspection Pits suitable for load rating to 5,000Kg. These Plastic Earth Inspection Pits offer a much lighter alternative to Concrete Earth Inspection Pits and are suitable for most types of Electrical Earthing and Lightning Protection Installations.

The purpose of the Earthing Inspection Pit is to protect the earth rod connection, while making it available for inspection. The Plastic Earth Inspection Pit can have an earth bar fitted diagonally in the slots provided for multiple connections.

Plastic Earth Inspection Pits - Details

Earth Inspection Pit Dimensons WxDxH (mm) Earth Inspection Pit Weight (Kgs)
220x250x220 1.28

Plastic Earth Inspection Pits - Material 

These Inspection Pits are manufactured from Polypropylene.

Other Earthing Accessories

We can also supply the following materials within this range;

Copperbond Earth Rods and Accessories and Solid Copper Earth Rods and Accessories. For further information, please refer to the related product links on this page.

Plastic Earth Inspection Pits Pricing and Delivery

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