Euromold Accessories Interface C Separable Connectors and Bushings up to 36kV

Euromold Accessories for Interface C Separable Connectors and Equipment Bushings up to 36kV

MV HV Accessories for use with Separable Connectors and Bushings with an Interface C as described by CENELEC EN 50180 and 50181.

Technical characteristics

Euromold Interface C accessories, except the earthing plug, are tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.

Euromold Screened Separable Connectors Interface C Accessories Range

Euromold 400DR-B Dead-end receptacle

Euromold 400SOP-B Stand-off plug

Euromold 400GP-B Earthing plug

Euromold 300GP-B Earthing plug

Euromold 400BIPA Basic insulating plug

Euromold 430CP Connecting plug

Euromold 400CP-SC Connecting plug

Euromold 440CP Connecting plug

Euromold 400RTPA Reducing tap plug

Euromold Kit MT Earthing kit for copper tape screened cables

Please refer to the attached data sheet for further information on accessories for Euromold Interface C Separable Connectors and Equipment Bushings.

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