Euromold In Air Bushing - Interface A 24kV 250A (180A-24P-O)

Euromold In Air Bushing - Interface A 24kV 250A (180A-24P-O)

Euromold In Air (Dry Type) Equipment Bushings

Transformer Bushings, Switch Gear Bushings, Motor and Capacitor Bushings up to 24kV 250A

Euromold Dry Type Equipment Bushings for Interface A are suitable for use in equipment insulated with air, typically for dry type transformers, motors, switch gear, capacitors etc.

Euromold 180A-24P-O Equipment Bushings - Data Table
Euromold Bushing Type Voltage Ur (kV) Current Ir (A) Creepage distance
A-B - See Drawing Above
180A-24P-O 12 250 630
180A-24P-O 24 250 630
Euromold 180A-24P-O Equipment Bushings - Features
  • Plug-In Type Equipment Bushings for 'In-Air' Dry Type Transformers, Motors, Switch Gear, Capacitors ..
  • These Equipment Bushings are moulded epoxy insulated parts.
  • Meet the requirements of CENELEC EN 50181 and IEC 137.
  • Each Euromold Bushing is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.
  • Suitable for use up to 24kV, 250Amps.
Euromold 180A-24P-O Equipment Bushings - Technical Data

Please refer to the below pdf data sheet for more information on the Euromold 180A-24P-O Plug - In Dry Type Equipment Bushings.

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