Hydraulic Cable Cutters - Cembre Cutting Tool - HT-TC0851

Hydraulic Cable Cutters - Cembre Cutting Tool - HT-TC0851

Hydraulic Cable Cutter - Cembre HT-TC0851 - General Overview

Hydraulic Cutting Tool Dimensions (L x W). 652.5mm x 175mm

This Cable Cutter is suitable for Cutting Power and Telecoms Cables with a Max Overall Diameter of 85mm

Cembre HT-TC0851 Cutting Tool Weight. 6.6kg

Hydraulic Cable Cutter - Cembre HT-TC0851 - Features

  • This hand operated Hydraulic Cable Cutter is designed for Cutting Copper, Aluminium and Telecommunications Cables. This new model is self contained and sturdy.
  • The Cutting Tool Head offers 180 degree rotation to allow the operator to cut cables in the most comfortable position
  • In addition the HT-TC0851 head can be easily opened to allow cutting of running cables
  • The HT-TC0851 features an automatic safety valve to bypass oil when reaching maximum pressure
  • A pressure release device can also be operated at any time during the cable cutting operation
  • The tool also features a double speed action; a rapid advance speed for fast approach of the blades to the cable and a slower, more powerful speed for cutting the cable
  • The Cutting blades are manufactured from special high strength steel, which is heat treated to ensure a long life in service
  • The HT-TC0851 Hydraulic Cable Cutter is supplied with a case for storage of the tool

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