Prysmian Bicon Fire Resistant Cable Cleats - Single Multicleat (Stainless Steel)

Prysmian Bicon Fire Resistant Cable Cleats - Single Multicleats (Stainless Steel)

Fire Resistant Stainless Steel Multicleats for Single Cables

Multicleat Cable Cleats for Single Cable Diameter 36mm-120mm

Prysmian Bicon Fire Resistant Multicleat and Multistrap System - Overview

The Prysmian Bicon Multicleat and Multistrap Cable Cleat is a versatile Cable Clamp System that can be used on all types of cable routes and uses non magnetic materials throughout.

Exceptional overlapping range take.

Prysmian Fire Resistant Stainless Steel Multicleats are supplied in a One or Two Bolt Fixing design.

Operating temperature -60ºc to +100ºc. See below for Fire Resistance properties. (Also available in cast iron)

Prysmian Bicon Fire Resistant Multicleats and Multistrap Cable Cleats - Properties

Prysmian Bicon Multistraps with Stainless Steel bases will survive an excursion to +1000ºc for up to 2 hours.

Multicleat and Multistrap are registered trademarks of Prysmian under their Bicon brand of Cable Cleats and Cable Clamps.

Important Note : To ensure adequate restraint, Multistraps must be used at the mid-point between Multicleats on all horizontal and vertical straight runs.

Fire Resistant Multicleat (Stainless Steel) - Selection Guide for Single Cables

A Prysmian Bicon Multicleat is a Multistrap with a base.

Multicleat Cable Cleat Reference Number (Please replace ** with appropriate number) Cable Diameter (mm)
Standard 378JB** / 378PF** Heavy 378JB** / 378PF** Min. Max.
01 51 36 65
02 52 60 85
03 53 80 90
04 54 85 110
09 59 105 120
- 29 85 110

Please refer to relevant wiring regulations and industry standards for recommended cleat spacings, or contact us for further information.

Bicon Multicleat Cable Cleat Base - Selection Guide for Single Cables

These Fire Resistant Stainless Steel Multicleat bases can be supplied in a Single Bolt Fixing or Two Bolt Fixing design

Please refer to the table below to select the appropriate Multicleat Cable Cleat Base to suit the installation requirements / conditions.

Bicon Multicleat Base with Single Bolt Fixing Bicon Multicleat Base with Two Bolt Fixing Bicon Multicleat Cable Cleat Reference Bicon Multicleat Base Reference
  Stainless Steel - Plain 378 JB**
Stainless Steel - Plain   378 PF**

LSF Liners for use with Bicon Multistraps

LSF liners can be supplied upon request for use with Bicon Multistraps and conform to BS6853.

Ordering details for LSF Liners to be used with Bicon Multistraps are as follows:

  • 377LSF01 for styles 01 to 04 incl. and 51 to 54 incl.
  • 377LSF02 for styles 05-09 incl., 29-37 incl. and 55-59 incl.

Prysmian Bicon Fire Resistant Multistrap - Overview

A Bicon Multistrap is a strap complete with a tensioning clip, securing pin and winding key all made from highly corrosion resistant non-magnetic stainless steel

Bicon Multistraps are used as an intermediate cable restraint between Multicleat Cable Cleats

Bicon Multistraps may be used to bind cables together

Bicon Multistraps are supplied in two strengths:-

  • Standard Duty, designed to have 2 loops of 0.38 mm thick strap around the cables
  • Heavy Duty, designed to have 3 loops of 0.38 mm thick strap around the cables

Bicon Fire Resistant Multistrap for Single Cables - Selection

Multistrap Reference Number Cable Diameter (mm)
Standard 377AB** Heavy 377AB** Min. Max.
01 51 36 65
02 52 60 85
03 53 80 90
04 54 85 110

For Bicon Multicleat style 09 and 59 in the table below, please use Multistrap style 05 and 55 respectively.

Please download the PDF data sheet below for further information.

For price and availability of the Bicon Multicleat and Multistrap System for Single Cables please contact us.

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