Prysmian Fire Resistant Cable Clips for FP200 Gold and FP Plus Cables (Double)

Prysmian Fire Resistant Cable Clips for Fixing FP200 Gold and FP Plus Cables (Double)

Prysmian FP200 Cables Fixing - FP Firefix Double Cable Clips

The innovative double clip FP FIREFIX system is a joint venture between Prysmian, market leaders in fire resistant cables and ITW Construction Products, manufacturers of SPIT PULSATM gas nailing technology.
It’s fast, it’s easy and it meets the cable support requirements of the British Standard: BS5839-1:2002
The system utilises gas nailing technology to install fire performance cables. Unlike conventional clipping methods, this is an extremely fast and easy way to fix FP200 Gold and FP PLUS cable. It offers installation cost savings of up to 50%.
The FP FIREFIX clip is a new fixing for FP200 Gold and FP Plus cables. It is an alternative to “P” and saddle clips and allows the fixings to be installed prior to the cable, reducing the need for an electrician at this stage of fixing.

  • Easy to install - no need for drilling, plugging and screwing
  • Up to 10 times quicker to install than conventional cable clipping methods
  • Tool does NOT use an explosive charge
  • Cost savings of up to 50% relating to installation
  • Reduced installer exposure to tool vibration
  • With the focus on installation and speed that PFI jobs usually entail. FP FIREFIX offers an ideal solution
  • One tool allows installation on to a variety of base materials
  • 10 year warranty offered on Prysmian FP cable system - when FP FIREFIX is used to install FP cables.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel with red or white coating
  • Clip designed to securely hold either one or two cables
  • Meets the cable support requirements of BS5839-1:2002

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