Solid Copper Earth Rods

Solid Copper Earth Rods

Earth Rods

Pure Copper Earthing Rods

Copper Earth Rods are used where soil conditions are more aggressive i.e. where there is high salt content.

These solid copper earth rods have a tapped hole at each end which allows them to be joined together by means of a coupling dowel.

Solid Copper Earth Rods - Standard Range

Earth Rod Length (mm) Earth Rod Internal Thread Size (mm) Earth Rod Diameter (mm) Earth Rod Weight (Kgs)
1200 M10 15 1.88
1200 M10 20 3.34

Solid Copper Earth Rods - Non Standard Range

Our Solid Copper Earth Rods are available in other lengths if required. Please contact us if you require a different length earth rod that the ones specified in the above table.

Other Solid Copper Earth Rod Accessories

We can also supply the following materials within this range;

Driving Heads, Driving Spikes and Coupling Dowels for Solid Copper Earth Rods. For further information, please refer to the related product links on this page.

Solid Copper Earth Rod Pricing and Delivery

For Solid Copper Earth Rod pricing and delivery details or to request further information please use the quick enquiry form on this page or contact us.

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