Square Tape Earth Clamps

Square Tape Earth Junction Clamps

Earthing Junction Clamps

Square Tape Junction Clamps for Electrical Earthing 

Square tape earth junction clamps are designed for a four way connection and are suitable for crossing over tapes, straight through joints or ‘T’ connections to form a continuous network of tapes. The base has a countersunk hole in the middle for fixing the earth clamp in place.

Square Tape Junction Clamps for Electrical Earthing - Material

These high quality Square Tape Junction Clamps are produced by Kingsmill Earthing from High Strength Copper Alloy material.

Square Tape Clamps for Electrical Earthing - Range

Square Earth Clamp Conductor Tape Size (mm) Square Earth Clamp Conductor Material Square Earth Clamp Weight (Kgs)
25x3 Copper 0.23
25x6 Copper 0.44
50x6 Copper 1.0

Square Tape Junction Clamps - Pricing

For Square Earth Tape Junction Clamps pricing and delivery or for further information please contact us.

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