Prysmian FP400 Cable Glands

Prysmian FP400 Cable Glands

Prysmian (Pirelli) FP400 Brass Cable Gland Kits

These FP400 Cable Glands are recommended for use with Prysmian (formerly Pirelli) Fire Performance Armoured Cables under the FP400 Cable brand. FP400 Cables provide power to essential 'life' systems such as emergency lifts, heavy duty smoke extraction systems and PA evacuation systems. FP is the world leading brand of Fire Performance Cables and you can have confidence in the fact that these FP400 glands are produced by the Prysmian Group which is the same company that makes the excellent quality and widely specified cable.

These FP400 Indoor and Outdoor Cable glands are supplied complete in a kit with Zero Halogen Silicone Seals and shrouds which are LUL (London Underground) approved.

The FP400 Cable Glands are also suitable for Circular Galvanised Steel Single Wire Armoured, Plastic or Rubber Sheathed Cables with Extruded Bedding.

FP400 Cable Glands are weatherproof and waterproof so ideal for use in most climatic conditions.

Prysmian (Pirelli) FP400 Fire Performance Gland Kits - Further Details

For further details of thsi range of Prysmian FP400 Gold Cable Glands, please refer to the product pages in this section.

Prysmian (Pirelli) FP400 Fire Performance Gland Kits - Price and Availability

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