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Solid Copper Earth Rod Coupling Dowel

Earth Rod Accessories

Coupling Dowel for Copper Earth Rods

These Driving Dowels are used to join Solid Copper Earth Rods together for Electrical Earthing applications.

Solid Copper Earth Rod Driving Head

Earth Rod Accessories

Driving Head for Copper Earth Rods

These Driving Heads are designed to protect the internal thread and top of the solid copper earth rod when being driven in to the ground

Solid Copper Earth Rod Driving Spike

Earth Rod Accessories

Driving Spike for Copper Earth Rods

These Driving Spikes are designed to enable the Solid Copper Earth Rod to be driven in to the ground easily while protecting the Earth Rod from being damaged.

Solid Copper Earth Rods

Earth Rods

Pure Copper Earthing Rods

Copper Earth Rods are used where soil conditions are more aggressive i.e. where there is high salt content.

These solid copper earth rods have a tapped hole at each end which allows them to be joined together by means of a coupling dowel.

Earth Rods, Solid Copper, and Accessories

Solid Copper Earthing Rods

Solid Copper Earth Rods, Driving Heads, Coupling Dowels and Driving Spikes

We supply Solid Copper Earth Rods in Standard and Non Standard sizes and lengths together with all associated accessories. 

Solid Copper Earth Rods and Accessories Range

Our range includes the following;

LSF and Non LSF Cable Clamps - Elite Cable Clamps for Single Cables 9.5-52mm

Single Cable Clamps

Range Taking Cable Clamps for Single Cables

The Elite Cable Clamps is ideal for installations that require a cable cleat offering range take across multiple cable diameters. The Elite Cable Clamp covers cable diameters 9.5mm-52mm across only 4 Clamp sizes which makes this product one of the most versatile Single Cable Clamps available. The Cable Clamps also feature a fully releasable strap which allows for quick and easy adjustment or reinstallation.

Galvanized Steel Cable Cleats - Atlas Trefoil Cable Cleats 24mm-102mm

Trefoil Cable Cleats

Galvanized Steel Trefoil Cable Cleats

These Trefoil Cable Cleats in the Ellis Cleats range are manufactured from galvanised steel, and are ideal for installations requiring Trefoil Cable Cleats that are able to withstand high levels of short-circuit.

Aluminium Cable Cleats, Centaur EHV Cable Saddle 100-162mm

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats

Aluminium Cable Cleats. Centaur EHV Cable Cleats

Centaur Aluminium Cable Clamps are available in three lengths and are designed to support transmission cables from steelwork at centres up to 8.4m. Centaur cable saddles have been designed as a solution for cleating large diameter HV cables used in Power Transmission Systems typically 275kV and 400KV. The product is designed for supporting cables with diameters from 100mm to 162mm from support steelwork at centres of up to 8.4m.

Copperbond Earth Rod Driving Stud

Earth Rod Accessories

Driving Studs for Copperbond Electrode

Copperbond Earth Rod Driving Studs are required to be of high strength to withstand repeated use with power hammers when driving the Earth rods into the ground.

Copperbond Earth Rod Couplings

Earth Rod Accessories

Coupling for Copperbond Electrode

Copperbond Earth Rod Couplings are manufactured to sufficient length and are counter bored to ensure the threads of the earth rods are completely enclosed.

Copperbond Earth Rod Coupling Range.

Individual product details relating to our Copperbond Earth Rod Couplings are as follows;

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