Street Lighting and Traffic

Resin Cable Joints IP68 Junction Boxes Slot Cutting Resins Feeder Pillars Cabinet Base Sealants

Non Metallic Cable Cleats, Ellis Patents Single Bolt Clamp 10mm-57mm

Ellis Patents Cable Clamps

Cable Clamps (Non Metallic) with One Hole Fixing

These Single Hole Cable Clamps are for cable fixing applications that require a single bolt fixing. Ellis Patents 1F Cable Clamps are manufactured as standard in Black Polypropylene (B) or Black Flame Retardant V0 Zero Halogen Phosphorous Free UV Stabilised Nylon (LSF). These Single Hole Cable Clamps are used to fix power cables in indoor and outdoor applications.

Abtech Fire Rated Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and GRP Enclosures

Abtech Fire Rated Junction Boxes (BPG, SX)

When planning the installation of essential systems that are designed to operate in a fire, such as fire alarm, fire safety and emergency lighting controls, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the survival of critical components including fire dampers, actuators and cables that will be contained in the area. Howerver, the specification of junction boxes with regard their fire survival properties is often overlooked.

Abtech Plastic, Polycarbonate Enclosures and Junction Boxes

ABS Plastic and Polycarbonate Enclosures

Abtech ZP Junction Boxes

Abtech ZP Junction Boxes and Enclosures are available in 19 different sizes. The ZP Enclosures are injection moulded in either ABS plastic or polycarbonate material. We can also supply an optional clear polycarbonate lid which can be fitted to either base. Abtech ZP Junction Boxes and Enclosures are lightweight by at the same time highly robust, providing a good level of protection against corrosion and oil based contamination.

Abtech Die Cast Aluminium Junction Boxes and Enclosures

Die Cast Aluminium Enclosures

Abtech ZAG Junction Boxes

The ZAG range of enclosures comprises of 19 different sizes of enclosures and is precision die cast in AL-Si 12 grade (LM24) aluminium alloy. This is considered to be the most suitable grade of aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance especially in salt laden atmospheres.

Abtech GRP Assembled Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Glass Reinforced Polyester Enclosures

Abtech BPGA Junction Boxes

The Abtech BPGA range offers three designs of BPG enclosure in two different sizes. BPGA enclosures are available pre-assembled from stock. The BPGA enclosures are suitable a range of applications including lighting, power and instrument junction boxes.

Abtech Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Junction Boxes

Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Enclosures

Abtech SX and MSX Junction Boxes

Abtech SX Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Enclosures cover 14 sizes. These Abtech Junction Boxes are available in 11 sizes with depths of 140 or 200mm and 8 sizes which are available in depths of 140, 200 or 300mm. Most of the Abtech SX Enclosures can be fitted with removable gland plates on some or all of the four sizes.

Abtech GRP Enclosures and Junction Boxes

Glass Reinforced Polyester Enclosures

Abtech BPG and BPGC Junction Boxes

Abtech BPG and BPGC Enclosures are available in 16 sizes produced in glass reinforced polyester (GRP). The GRP material is highly resistant to contamination from oils, fats, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates, bacteria and enzymes. The Abtech BPG Enclosure is also suitable for applications requiring LSOH (low smoke zero halogen) material. This material provides excellent mechanical strength and life expectancy and offers a good alternative to aluminium or cast iron.

Ellis Patents Cable Cleats for Quad Cables and Multiple Cables - Range Overview

Ellis Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats for Quad Cables and Multi Cables

Ellis Patents Cable Cleat solutions for Quad Cables and Multiple Cable Clamping. Featuring the Vulcan Stainless Steel Quad Cable Cleat, the Varicleat Stainless Steel and Aluminium Multi Cable Cleat and the Matrix Cable Cleat which is available in either Stainless Steel or Galvanised Steel designs.

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