Underground Link Disconnect Boxes

Low Voltage Underground Link Boxes For Jointing of LV Distribution Cables

An underground link-disconnecting box is a low voltage cable joint that incorporates a removable link such that it may be “switched”. Increasing pressure on the electricity supply companies to reduce customer interruptions means that link boxes are used within the distribution network to increase its flexibility as different parts of the networks can be energised or de-energised as required. The link box also has the facility to connect localised customers directly via a generator. Also during maintenance or a repair the solid links can be replaced with fused links.

Low Voltage Link Boxes - Features
  • Can be jointed directly onto polymeric and paper insulated lv distribution cables, eliminating the need for intermediate lengths of polymeric cables and straight / transition joints.
  • Jointing onto a live network is possible as all live parts may be shrouded.
  • Uses universal lv mechanical connectors and can be designed to suit local jointing procedures.
  • A reduced footprint, which is a direct consequence of combining the linkbox and pit, means installation is easier under congested pavements.
  • The modular pit construction means the depth of the link box can be easily varied.
  • The new design uses standard links with 83mm centres or the equivalent lv fuse carriers.
  • Pre-fitted factory tailed units are available to speed up direct replacement installations.
  • Both three core and four core variants are available.

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